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An American Hibakusha

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In this short doc, Wataru Namba recounts the day the bomb dropped in Hiroshima 75 years ago. Take a look at the 7-minute film out now on @TIME. Directed by @Jambanamba and @SazzyGourley. Link in bio to watch! #AmericanHibakusha

After watching “An American Hibakusha” on @TIME, check out the film’s resource guide!  #AmericanHibakusha

Did you know that nearly 3,000 US-born Japanese Americans were living in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb dropped? Hear from a survivor in this 75th anniversary @TIME short doc by @Jambanamba and @SazzyGourley  


This August is the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Japan. Hear from a US-born Japanese American survivor in this @TIME short doc by @Jambanamba and @SazzyGourley 


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