An American Hibakusha

Resource Guide

This guide contains resources to learn more about hibakusha experiences, America's response to the bombings, the US military-industrial complex, and global efforts to denuclearize. 

Survivor narratives


(New Yorker, 1946) 

"Japan at War: An Oral History"

(Haruko Taya Cook, Theodore F. Cook, 1992)

"Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima"

(Keiji Nakazawa, 1973)

"We Met a Korean Atomic Bomb Survivor"

(DKDKTV, 2018) 

"What About Us, Nagasaki Asks, as Obama’s Hiroshima Trip Nears"

(NY Times, 2016) 

"One Day in Hiroshima: An Oral History"

(Nanao Kamada, 2007)

"Atomic-bomb survivors seek new ways to keep their memories alive"

(Economist, 2020) 

America's ResponsE & The politics of Apologizing

"A Magazine Story Opened Eyes to Hiroshima’s Horror. White House Allies Plotted to Shut Them Again."

(Mother Jones, 2020) 

"Hiroshima and the Politics of Apologizing"

(The Atlantic, 2016)

"Rough Translation: The Apology Broker"

(NPR Podcast, 2018)

"Japan doesn’t want the U.S. to apologize for bombing Hiroshima. Here’s why"

(LA Times, 2016)

"Text of President Obama’s Speech in Hiroshima, Japan"

(NY Times, 2016)

The War Was Won Before Hiroshima - And the Generals Who Dropped the Bomb Knew It

(The Nation, 2015)

America's Military Industrial Complex & nuclear arsenal

"World Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Report"

(Ploughshares Fund, 2020)

"Ike's Warning Of Military Expansion, 50 Years Later"

(NPR, 2011)

"Defund America's Endless Wars"

(Just Security, 2020)

US Government Federal Spending Tracker

"Here’s how many billions the US will spend on nuclear weapons over the next decade"

(Defense News , 2019)

"Meet the Private Corporations Building Our Nuclear Arsenal"

(The Nation, 2015)

"Let's Defund the Military Too"

(The Deconstructed Podcast, 2020)

"Progressives Plan to Push Big Cuts to Defense Spending, Citing Coronavirus"

(The Intercept, 2020)

Nuclear disarmament

"11 Answers to Common Questions and Comments About Nuclear Weapons"

(ICAN, 2020)

"Op-Ed: California is complicit in the buildup of nuclear weapons"

(LA Times, 2018)

"The Bipartisan Appeal of Reducing Nuclear Dangers"

(Global Zero, 2020)

"A New Generation Against the Bomb"

(The Nation, 2018)

"The History of Nuclear Proliferation"

(World 101)

"African Americans Against

the Bomb"

(Vincent J Intondi, 2015)

"Demilitarization in the Time of Police Abolition: Korean A-bomb Survivors Demand Justice"

(Positions Politics, 2020)

"Setsuko Thurlow, Survivor of Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima"

(ICAN, 2017)